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Benefits of ASP.NET MVC

MVC Architecture
It’s important to distinguish between the MVC architectural pattern and the ASP.NET MVC Framework.
The MVC pattern isn’t new—it dates back to 1978 and the Smalltalk project at Xerox PARC—but it has gained enormous popularity today as an architecture for web applications, for the following reasons:

• User interaction with an MVC application follows a natural cycle: the user takes an
action, and in response the application changes its data model and delivers an
updated view to the user. And then the cycle repeats. This is a very convenient fit
for web applications delivered as a series of HTTP requests and responses.

• Web applications necessitate combining several technologies (databases, HTML,
and executable code, for example), usually split into a set of tiers or layers. The
patterns that arise from these combinations map naturally onto the concepts in

The ASP.NET MVC Framework implements the MVC pattern, and in doing so, provides greatly improved separation of concerns.

The MVC Framework is built as a series of independent components—satisfying a .NET interface or built on an abstract base class—so you can easily replace components, such as the routing system, the view engine, the controller factory, and so on, with a different one of your own implementation.

The ASP.NET MVC designers set out to give you three options for each MVC Framework component:
• Use the default implementation of the component as it stands (which should be
enough for most applications).
• Derive a subclass of the default implementation to tweak its behavior.
• Replace the component entirely with a new implementation of the interface or
abstract base class.

Tight Control over HTML and HTTP
Its built-in HTML helper methods produce standards-compliant output, but there is a more significant philosophical change compared with Web Forms. Instead of spewing out huge swathes of HTML over which you have little control, the MVC Framework encourages you to craft simple, elegant markup styled with CSS.
Asp.Net MVC include JQuery with its default template to encourage JQuery uses with it.


Powerful Routing System
Asp.net MVC Routing provides a super way to build up clean url.

ASP.NET MVC Is Open Source
Unlike with previous Microsoft web development platforms, you’re free to download the original source
code for ASP.NET MVC, and even modify and compile your own version of it.

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